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Change Thinking – Change lives

Introduction: A man came to Socrates and said: “Tell me what my future will be.” Socrates asked for a paper and said, write down your thoughts on it, he wrote down everything he thought. Socrates said that according to what you think, your future will be like this. The famous author Napoleon Hill says: “There… Read More »

What it Take to Become A Successful Business Owner

Introduction: Whenever we sit down and remember the old stuff, we mention the most pollution-free environment, followed by a quiet evening after. Where the business people used to pray, as soon as they had finished, they used to shop. The attempt was to go to the west house of prayer. And so it was. The… Read More »

Why Is It Important To Dream Big?

Introduction: Dreams are too big! It was a surprise to me. Dreams are dreams. Some dreams we see with closed eyes, then some with open eyes. Dreams seen with closed eyes are a mirror of our thoughts. We have no control over them. Just what we see, we see. A lot of our dreams. We… Read More »

Take full responsibility and success

Introduction: If you want to succeed in your life, take full responsibility for all your affairs. As long as you refrain from taking full responsibility you cannot succeed. Many people enthusiastically start any new job. Do In the beginning, they also have money and due to enthusiasm they often overlook minor problems. But as work… Read More »

Failure is the ladder of success

Introduction: Whatever work in the world, whether religious or worldly, for which we have worked so hard, we are very sad if we fail to do so, but at the same time we have the satisfaction and comfort that we have for ourselves. After all the hard work, but if we are facing failure, then… Read More »