Why is Career Counseling Important?

By | February 10, 2020

He was a worthy young man. Wisdom was shining on his face, but there was a strange feeling of sadness and uncertainty in his eyes. It was a while ago, ‘Ahmed came to visit me in a social science essay to pursue a scholarship in higher education. I reviewed his career. He passed 90% of the marks in mathematics. He then passed the pre-medical examination with more than 80% marks. He wished to get admission in a medical college, but his desire could not be fulfilled because of the low marks in the entry test. Re-took the exam next year.

Career Counseling Important in School or College

The result was not encouraging. Frustrated, he turned away from the medical and did not work, in which he had secured 60% marks. And now he wants to become a school teacher by completing an MA and then an M.A. in a social science subject. Her dream of becoming a doctor by doing MBBS was long gone, and she was ready to take on a schoolteacher to further her life. It was not just Ahmed’s story, due to lack of proper and timely career counselling and every other youth in our country suffers from similar conditions from the punishment of entry test. The result is that a child who can become a good pharmacist, becomes an engineer, and who must be a good anchor, holds the MBBS degree in his hands. Take a look at the media.

Why is Counselling an Important aspect in Life

Choosing the right and appropriate career is the right of every student. To choose their profession according to their natural tendencies and ideals. This is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions of a student’s life. But, sadly, they do not get any guidance in this regard, and they continue to shoot in their own way. There was a time when the number of subjects and professions was limited. Now the number of departments has increased significantly, and in this regard, the difficulties of parents and students have increased.

How do You Help Students Choose a Career

When the child passes the matriculation, he has no difficulty in taking subjects according to his natural tendency, and when he passes the intermediate examination, he knows what department he has to take and how he has made his career. The choice of self-made and unintentional careers by students to evaluate student interests, activities, abilities and talents at the school and college level is at stake in determining the future of the student. I think the first role and responsibility of career counselling is with parents. The misfortune of a child begins right from the time of school, when parents take into account a good English medium school, regardless of their social status and economic status, and without thinking of what to make of their children. We pay for rent. Up to eighth, the child lives in what he or she reads and does not. The parents then instruct the child to do A Level or Oval, which is a completely different type of syllabus and trending course.

Career Counseling Process

It is the parents’ best efforts to get their son to become a doctor or an engineer, so he is then admitted to a good college and arranges for the best academy or private tuition. This way, the child can get a good number, but it is often the case that parents do not have a natural tendency in the area they are arranging or wishing for their child’s career. If it was, then the chances of its failure are increased. Almighty God has given man different abilities. These capabilities can be applied properly when selecting a profile accordingly.

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