Make Yourself Able To Set Your Own Identity!!!!

By | February 10, 2020

Picasso was a great artist. A woman approached him and asked for some help to give her some money. He asked how much money? He asked for some money as per his requirement. The woman did not know about Picasso that she is a great artist in the world. Picasso said it was a small amount of money I could give you more than that. He ordered a few thousand. Picasso then said that the amount was too low. This woman thought it sounded crazy. But he also thought that if he really had a lot of money he could make millions. Then Picasso said that I could give you thousands, not millions, of dollars. The woman asked in amazement how Picasso asked her to bring me a pen and paper.

How Would You Describe your Personal Identity?

The woman came with a pen and a meal. Picasso drew a few lines on the paper and signed it underneath it, as well as the cost of the painting. Five million dollars. He then handed the paper over to the woman and told the woman not to sell the painting yet, stay for a while and leave. The woman did not believe Picasso. She went out to a shopkeeper and showed her the paper and told her everything. The man was familiar with Picasso. He told the woman that what the man was saying was true and that he was able to sell the paints he had made at a fixed price. When the woman heard this, she went in search of Picasso. Again he found it and asked him how you learned this art and you taught me this art too. I have had to sacrifice my whole life to reach the place that I have done in a few seconds in front of you. The value of this painting has been hard work and wisdom my whole life. This is the essence of what I have given you. It is only after a lifetime of hard work and maturity that the place comes when the bond sets its own time and work value.

Get a Strong Sense of Identity

Nowadays, everyone is in a cycle of shortcuts to achieve success. He wants to make a lot of money but does not want to work hard and hard. Whenever anyone is asked to do something, the first question to ask is, what will be the benefit of me doing this job? What will I get? Whether or not it is included in the obligation. And the third question is, if I don’t do it, what difference does it make? What would it be like to hand over the task to someone else instead? If I do this tomorrow, then what does it matter? If this work is not completed today, there is no problem. Will be tomorrow Even if the work is done, the soul is saved. The lesser the task, the less work it takes. Lazy and slothful, the bones of everyone have settled. Just about everyone wants to get paid in advance, but someone else should do my part. Then it is said that jobs are not available. Every one of us is looking for a job. There is no one who looks for work.

Create Your Own Career Path

Everyone is sitting in the office waiting for the office to expire. And all doomsday breaks when the boss dictates that there will be a meeting after the holiday. Or call a boss a few minutes before the holiday and do something that has to be done on the same day in every case. From the boss’s office, they are expelled from the abuser and begin to wait for a miracle by holding their hand. People who want to work are freed from time constraints. For them, work is everything. They work without paying attention, and then comes the time when they become the need of others, and then they pay for their own work like Picasso, and then the world rewards them. Their work becomes their identity to the rest of the world.

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