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By | November 19, 2019


A man came to Socrates and said: “Tell me what my future will be.” Socrates asked for a paper and said, write down your thoughts on it, he wrote down everything he thought. Socrates said that according to what you think, your future will be like this. The famous author Napoleon Hill says: “There is not so much treasure left in the world as man has in his mind, thoughts, ideas and thoughts. Acquired from the ocean “. Good thinking is a treasure that can make clay even gold. If a person with negative and subtle thinking handles the gold, he too becomes clay. Those thinking people can solve problems. Better qualified. He observed that one attribute is common to all of them and that they all have the same thinking style. It is this style that differentiates between successful and unsuccessful person. Maxwell also said that good thinking. There is also an art that has to be learned, good ideas are not something you should look for or come to mind on your own, rather you have to find them. If you want to improve your thinking and have good ideas you with this in mind, it is very important to follow some of the methods that John Maxwell has stated.

(1) What you put in the pot will come out

There is a universal principle that the only thing that comes out of the vessel is to put it in. It is not possible to put water and honey in it. Read what you see in your daily routine. Listen, listen, or whatever kind of environment you live in, the same ideas will start to form in your mind. Successful thinkers and philosophers of the world have always been so impressed by their environment.

(2) Think like companionship

The famous English motto is that if you want to test the character of a man, look at his friends. The kind of people you have to sit on will definitely impress your mind. Go to the scent shop. Even if you do not buy anything, the scent will still settle in the clothes. If you go to the coal shop, you will not buy coal, then the clothes will still be black. If you have sharp business people around you. Your thinking will also be accelerated. You will be able to adapt your thinking to the people in the same field. Makes man the master of good thinking.

(3) Choose good ideas

Every time thoughts come and go in the mind of a human being, some of them are useful and positive to him and some will lead him on the wrong path. Now it is our job to scrutinize thoughts and practice our habits and Be a part of the role. It is not in our power to come up with an idea, but it is our job to select the best ideas from them and put them into practice.

(4) Act on your own good thoughts

The life of thoughts and ideas is very short, it dies very soon itself. It is the character and process of man that keeps his thinking alive. There are many thinkers and intellectuals in the world who have written dozens of books on the subject of success, but some of them have failed in their personal lives.

(5) Keep thoughts free of emotions

In order to promote good thinking, it is important not to immediately comment on what you feel. Before you react to an event, thoroughly analyze it. Always control your emotions. Never make any plans by letting go of emotions.  Just having a good idea for success in life is not enough, as if a brilliant sports player, just a book writer, set a speech villa and an inventor rely on their first success.

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