What it Take to Become A Successful Business Owner

By | November 18, 2019


Whenever we sit down and remember the old stuff, we mention the most pollution-free environment, followed by a quiet evening after. Where the business people used to pray, as soon as they had finished, they used to shop. The attempt was to go to the west house of prayer. And so it was.

The elders of the house stopped their activities and stayed at home after the West, we talked with the elders, a little walk after dinner, watching TV, preparing for gold after prayer, a little Gossip and mischief, we do not know when to sleep. Outside the house it is possible to make some kind of noise. It should also be clear that I am not describing the situation of any village, but the routine of city houses.

Has The Era Of Psychoanalysis Come?

On the contrary, there is a lot of chaos around us today. The market is dry all day, but after dusk there is no place to stay. What great shops and great decorations. If you ask, it is only heard that the real customer starts after the west and goes on at night. And this reverse game looks weird now.

When we were young, the markets would only open till late in the last days of event, and we would find those nights great. A weird alter ego. But they did not know that such a change would come to our children on a daily basis.

Benefit In Contrast to Nature

But the thinking is, does this routine have any benefit in contrast to nature? Did people’s economic life improve? Now that businesses are open night and day without making a difference, why don’t we see prosperity around us? Why sacrifice mental illness when we have to shop for long hours, sacrifice the proximity of children because of being busy in business or job till late at night?

Why Depression, Stress, Fear, Confusion, Anxiety and Restlessness?

We have immense potential, we are hardworking, but we are suffering from lack of faith and trust in Allah. However, when the needs of our desires are made, then life becomes uneventful. Then whether we make one day and night, working in four places, to no avail, there is no use. For a quiet life, we must return to nature and discipline. Bring the best time with your work, comfort and family into a standard setting. At the same time, lying to your shopkeepers will eliminate the dishonesty and greed.

In that regard, I remember a late shopkeeper, who owned a garment and general store. They also opened shops at 7am and closed to the west in the run-up to the chaos. Whether it is any event or a normal day, this is what their routine is. The customer was great too. Then they lived a life of good prosperity. Once I asked him the secret of his business success, he said, “Son, I work with the sun at sunrise and the other is that I never spend the season.” The customer gets 100 event in the normal days. It is not to be deliberately looting in the days of happiness.

Sure, it’s been six years since the elderly went out into the world, but to this day I have never seen a shopkeeper like them again. Even their own children have become victims of today’s flock. Meeting at the same shop last month, saying that Aba’s time is much missed, now you spend day and night in the customer, yet it is not fulfilled. I also said that they should adopt it, believing in the business secrets of their late father. But they avoided my reminder by saying, ‘Dude, the time is up, there is a lot of competition. And didn’t know what to say, but to my ears, the words of his late father were echoing, “Son I rise to the sun with my work and secondly, I never set season.”

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