Why Is It Important To Dream Big?

By | November 17, 2019


Dreams are too big! It was a surprise to me. Dreams are dreams. Some dreams we see with closed eyes, then some with open eyes. Dreams seen with closed eyes are a mirror of our thoughts. We have no control over them. Just what we see, we see. A lot of our dreams. We don’t even remember the part. I remember only ten percent of my dream. Yes, Miriam Begum remembers 100% of her dreams. But when the dream with closed eyes is complete or not, you are looking for her interpretation. Which every man tells you according to his understanding. If a snake appears, it will be interpreted.

What does it mean to dream big?

If the money appears, it will be interpreted. If you see yourself injured, that would be an explanation. If you have water, interpretation is another. If you look at the milk, there will be something else. However, as many people as you dream, each person will have his or her own interpretation. It was just a matter of dreaming with closed eyes. Now let’s talk about open-eyed dreams.

Dreaming is good or bad for man

A man dreams a lot about himself and his future. Most dreams are about his own self and some dreams he has about his wife and children. Few people dream about their parents and dear relatives. But man thinks most of himself. Not wanting, he thinks about his future. Everyone wants to improve their coming tomorrow. Now some people have very small dreams like if I have thousands of rupees now they should be ten thousand tomorrow. If my salary is twenty thousand then it should increase to thirty thousand. If my house is five Marla, then it should be ten marla. If I have a Chinese motorcycle, come to CD or one to five. The thoughts, wishes and dreams of an ordinary person cannot go beyond that.

But successful people think more than that. Be it closed-eyed dreams or open-eyed dreams, all kinds of dreams are always bigger. Their thinking is big.

Always try to think big

They do not think two and four, but always think of it as five. They do not want to increase their salary by two thousand, but they want to double or triple their income. In their view, all current achievements have no bearing on future successes. Thinking is an important part of our lives. Small-minded people are called dwarves.

Importance to Aim High To Success

It is often asked, how can we become a bigger person by simply expanding our thinking? So the simple answer is that you are happy with the small things as you keep your thinking small. In the same way, if your thinking is big, then you will definitely get great happiness. Thinking has an important role on our lives and has a long lasting impact on us. We think about it by looking at one’s appearance or talking to it for a while. Most people think like a frog in a well. Their world begins with their current routine and ends there. I have often seen business men sitting in the same seat from morning to evening.

When they die, their father or brother comes and sits on the same seat. Their thirst increases. Many people do not even leave their shops and go to the washroom to find a customer, so they do not trust their employees for a moment. And later they go away from this world, suffering from life-threatening diseases such as diabetes. In the morning, they leave the dark house and return at night. Children and families simply consider it their duty to provide vegetables and fruits. They start their funeral with the same shop. On the contrary, big dreamers start out with small tasks, but they have a big worm to show them inside.

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