Failure is the ladder of success

By | November 17, 2019


Whatever work in the world, whether religious or worldly, for which we have worked so hard, we are very sad if we fail to do so, but at the same time we have the satisfaction and comfort that we have for ourselves. After all the hard work, but if we are facing failure, then this failure will be better for us. Experiments come into the life of human beings. Failure is something that no one wants. He never has to face man. Every man wants success. Every man wants him to go ahead and not face any obstacle in achieving his destination. It is not possible to reach the destination. There are many obstacles to cross. There are many obstacles on the way, and it is our responsibility to cross these obstacles without hesitation. Instead of picking up, we change the route or change our destination.

Who are motivated to achieve the destination?

If we ever face failure in life, we must move forward, keeping our morale up and not sitting with our hands and the task. This cannot happen to us. If we want to go to the roof, we have to go up One by one we have to go step by step, we cannot reach the ceiling with one tail and those who try to reach it fall to their mouths. There is a way to do everything and when we do it when we fail, then we face failure. Failure is the ladder of success. When man fails, then his pain is great. But when failure after he works with patience, zeal and perseverance, then the success of the result is doubled because we have worked hard day and night for him. A beautiful example is Edison, who made 999 attempts and made 1000th. Once successful and he figured out a way to make a bulb, Edison did not dare, and eventually succeeded.

Does success come from failure?

Success is the key to success and only success in the world gets people to it. People who suffer failure there are many children in our society who are mentally retarded. All children face communication and linguistic problems which may cause them to perform poorly. Often a child fails one or two times. Which gives him the wrong path, though we should pay more attention to the education of such children because such children can also touch the sky. Albert Einstein, He had difficulty speaking at age until he was expelled from school but his failures led him to medics in 1921. Could not get the Nobel Prize services produced.


Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, had to abandon his education after which he started a business, which went further, but despite all these failures, Bill Gates made it Microsoft. But the important thing is to learn from our own failures. “These are just a few examples. Our history is filled with events that have faced failure in their lives and, with their courage, courage, have succeeded. We have positive or negative thoughts that lead us to success or failure, if we are to fail.

Why failure is good for success

The reason behind this is why we fail to think, and then try to remove all of these reasons so that we can pave the way to success. It can be inferred from this article that if you look at your future if you want to change your habits and if you want to change habits, then changing the thinking and changing the environment around it is important because the thinking of the human being is the same as its environment. Successes are the ones that fall again and again, not fall is not perfection.

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